Episode 1013

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Episode 1013: LatiNation:

This week watch host Humberto Guidahit the court of NY’shandballscene. Then join the funniest recruits on tv with Enlisted’s Angelique Cabral. Also, we drop the beat with a pair of Miami MC’s, Parable MCPlus, we take a look at HBO’s groundbreaking new show “Looking” with Raul Castillo.

Watch Videos:

New York HandballParable MCRaul Castillo

Episode 1012

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Episode 1012: LatiNation:

This week it’s a battle of wits on LatiNation as host Humberto Guida tests his savvy against Brain Games host,  Jason Silva.Also, the Paranormal Activity franchise is back and it’s scarier than ever, find out why with leading man Andrew Jacobs. And later we hit the track with the daredevils behind the AMA Super Cross Championship. Plus we rock out with gypsy punk band,  Gogol Bordello.

Watch Videos:

Jason SilvaAndrew JacobsAMA Super Cross Championship Gogol Bordello

Episode 1011

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Episode 1011: LatiNation:

This week Argentinean Singer-Songwriter Federico Audele pours some much needed heart into the dub music scene. Also, follow comedian Carlos Alazraqui on his life journey from LA’s comedy clubs to Hollywood’s most prestigious studios. Then, actress Carla Jimenez takes us on an exclusive behind the scenes look at Tim Allen’s hit show “Last Man Standing”. Plus, Latin Grammy Producer of the Year, Julio Reyes Copello.

Watch Videos:

Federico AudeleCarlos AlazraquiCarla Jimenez Julio Reyes Copello

Episode 1010

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Episode 1010: LatiNation:

This week, host Humberto Guida, takes on a new profession of sword fighting.Masterchef finalist, Chef Alejandra Schrader, shows us how to get down and healthy in the kitchen.

Afro-Peruvian music and electronic like you have never heard it before, Novalima. This Canadian reggaetonero brings a new twist to the Urban music, Fito Blanko.


Watch Videos:

Sword fightingChef Alejandra SchraderNovalima Fito Blanko

Episode 1009

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Episode 1009: LatiNation:

This week host Humberto Guida, bust musical lyrics with Chicana MC, Snow Tha Product. Then, we step into the ring with a boxer on a mission, Josesito Lopez. Ladies, get ready to hit the dance floor with Argentine heart throb, Thiago. Plus, it’s time to bring out those shoot glasses as we sit down with, The Tequila Sisters.

Watch Videos:

Snow Tha ProductJosesito Lopez Thiago The Tequila Sisters

Episode 1008

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Episode 1008: LatiNation:

This week we take a dive into the world of latin alternative rock with the people from elborde.com, Then, we learn what exactly Afro-Colombian electronic music sounds like with Palenke Soultribe. And later we meet the family behind of one the country’s most successful food companies. Plus, Adrienne Bailon talks life and R&B, only on Latination.

Watch Videos:
elborde.comPalenke SoultribeGOYA Family Adrienne Bailon

Episode 1007

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Episode 1007: LatiNation:

This week host Humberto Guida, sits down with the hardest working actor in showbiz, Carlos Carrasco. A sweet innovative foundation that is making a difference one bubble at a time, The Gumball Foundation. We have all your celebrity beauty secretes with make-up artist, Jackie Gomez. Plus, we jam out with musical artist, Natalia Clavier.

Watch Videos:

Carlos CarrascoThe Gumball Foundation Jackie Gomez Natalia Clavier

Episode 1006

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Episode 1006: LatiNation:

This week,  Robert Rodriguez, Danny Trejo, Sofia Vergara and the rest of the cast of Machete Kills, talk about the iconic antihero’s return to the big screen. And later, Conjunto Nueva Ola breathes fun new life to an old cumbia sound. We hit the star-studded red carpet of Latina Magazine’s cover girl party. Grab your suitcase as wetravelall throughout Latin America with author, Adam Shepard, Plus, we get an exclusive inside look at EA Sport’s new FIFA ’14.

Watch Videos:

Machete KillsConjunto Nueva Ola Latina Magazine’s cover girl party Adam Shepard FIFA ’14

Episode 1005

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Episode 1005: LatiNation:

This week host actresses Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz take us on a tour of  the funniest precinct on TV: Brooklyn 99. We meet an alternative edgy band of cumbia, Master Blaster Sound System. Then, we hit the stage with rising comedian, Jesus Trejo. Plus, the very talented actress and producer, Veronica Diaz.

Watch Videos:

Brooklyn 99Master Blaster Sound System Jesus Trejo Veronica Diaz

Episode 1004

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Episode 1004: LatiNation:

This week host Humberto Guida, takes lock down to a whole new extreme with the cast of, “Orange is the New Black”. Then, we take things to the court with handball’s first superstar, Timbo Gonzalez. Plus, we rock out with Venezuelan rock stars, Viniloversus.

Watch Videos:

Orange is the New BlackTimbo Gonzalez Viniloversus MOS- Spanish

Episode 1003

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Episode 1003: LatiNation:

This week, we hit first base with the Los Angeles Dodgers very own, Adrian Gonzalez. And later, the paranormal never gets as funny as it does in“Ghost Team One” . Plus, buckle up as we fly high with one of Red Bull’s Flugtag teams. And finally, we listen to Miami’s latest electro-soul export: Elastic Bond.

Watch Videos:

Ghost Team One;Red Bull Flugtag with Coco Zurita Elastic Bond

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