Episode 0912

Zuzuka Poderosa

Episode 912

This week host Humberto Guida and Gabriela Fresquez  hang out with one of the masterminds behind the hit ps3 game “Journey”, Kellee Santiago.
Then, we catch up with Beverly Hills nutritionist, Ana Luque. Plus, we sit down with UFO hunter, Steve Murillo. Also Zuzuka Poderosa. Finally, joining us is the rising star from Disney’s Pair of Kings, Ryan Ochoa.
Watch Videos:
Kellee Santiago Ana Luque Steve Murillo Ryan Ochoa Zusuka Poderosa

Episode 0909

El Jimador

Episode 909

This week host Humberto Guida and Gabriela Fresquez shows us their flexibility skills, as Humberto takes on the Nanda Ninja Acrobats.  Then, we sit down with the beautiful, Nadine Velazquez from hit show The League’s. Plus, it’s Chisme Time with La Coacha, bringing us the latest dish on Latino celebrities. Finally, we bring the party to our studio, as we learn how to make Tequila.
Watch Videos:
Nadine Velasquez
La Coacha
Nanda Ninja Acrobats
Tequila (2)


Episode 0908

Krystal Bee and Hen Gee

Episode 908

This week host Humberto Guida and Gabriela Fresquez as they look at the state of today’s underground Hip-hop music scene. Then, we sit down with West Coast rap pioneer, Hen Gee. Also, joining us on set Big Boys Neighborhood very own radio host personality, Krystal Bee. Finally, our host Humberto Guida is luckily not rapping for a living, but is running for his life in a zombie infested obstacle course.
Watch Videos:
Zombie Run
Underground Hip Hop
Hen Gee
Krystal Bee
Krystal Bee (2)


Episode 0907

Krystal Bee and Hen Gee

Episode 907

This week host Humberto Guida and Gabriela Fresquez get cinematic with music video director, Danny Hastings. Then, we Go Pro with female MMA champ, Ronda Rousey. Plus we sit down influential director, Patricia Riggen, Also, joining us on set indie Latino filmmaker, Kenneth Castillo.
Watch Videos:
Danny Hastings
Ronda Rousey
Patricia Riggen
Kenneth Castillo


Episode 0906

Andres Barreto

Episode 906

This week host Humberto Guida and Gabriela Fresquez get techy! We catch up with tech – geeks of music, The Pinker Tones, infusing electronic blends of rock with electronics. Then, we jump into the cyber world with the Latino Mark Zuckerberg, Andres Barreto. Also, we sit down with Chief Strategy Officer, Emanual Pleitez, who gives us the break down on how to protect your consumer privacy information.
Watch Videos:
The Pinker Tones
Andres Barreto
Emmanuel Pleitez (1)
Emmanuel Pleitez (2)
Emmanuel Pleitez (3)


Episode 0905

Voto Latino

Episode 905

This week host Humberto Guida and Gabriela Fresquez hit the street of New York and Los Angeles, to find out what you guys think about Latino’s roles in this year’s election. Then, we meet Las Cafeteras, a band who is not adding politics to their music, but music to their politics. Plus, we sit down with members of Voto Latino, discussing the importance of Latino’s votes in this year’s election. 
Watch Videos:
Voto Latino MOS
Las Cafeteras
Voto Latino
Voto Latino (2)


Episode 0904

Ana Luque

Episode 904

This week host Humberto Guida and Gabriela Fresquez get healthy! We jump in the ring of chessboxing, a sport that combines both brains and brawn. Then, we jam to the funky-electric beats of, Mexican Institute of Sound. Plus, we sit down with Ana Luque, as she gives us the secret on how Hollywood’s elites stay healthy. Also joining us in our studio funnyman, Francisco Ramos…(HELP).
Watch Videos:
Mexican Institute of Sound
Ana Luque
Francisco Ramos


Episode 0903

AJ Barrera

Episode 903: "Odd Careers"

This week host Humberto Guida and Gabriela Fresquez go behind the scenes to discover what life is like inside , Barnum and Bailey’s Circus .Then we catch up with a legendary hip-hop group, as we take a trip to not just any realm, but to the one and only The Psycho Realm. Plus, things get spooky here in our studio, as we break through the other side with psychic medium, AJ Barrera.
Watch Videos:
Barnum and Bailey’s Circus
The Psycho Realm
Aj Barrera
Aj Barrera (2)
Aj Barrera (3)


Episode 0902

Cara Santa Maria

Episode 902: "Nerdy Show"

This week host Humberto Guida and Gabriela Fresquez get in touch with their nerdy side. As they meet musician Martin Buscaglia, who doubles as a mad scientist. Then we get an inside look at the world of fanboys and fangirls, as we hit the streets of San Diego at COMIN CON. Plus, we sit down with one of the finest nerds, who is all about talking nerdy, Huffington Post Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria, only on LatiNation! 
Watch Videos:
Martin Buscaglia
Cara Santa Maria
Cara Santa Maria
Cara Santa Maria


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