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  • Johnny-Swim
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Underground / art

  • Las-Fotos
  • vids-1015-SanDiego-LatinoFilmFestival
  • vids-1013-Raul-Castillo
  • vids-0000-LatinaMagazine
  • vids-1003-Ghost-Team-One
  • vids-1001-Cosplay


  • East-Los-High
  • Little-Saints
  • Matador
  • vids-0000-VanessaVerduga
  • vids-1018-AlMadrigal
  • vids-1016-JulieBrown
  • vids-0000-WaterandPower
  • vids-1017-LayanaAguilar
  • vids-1017-ChristianVera
  • vids-1016-CesarChavez
  • vids-1015-Border-Angels
  • vids-0000-GavizCoffee
  • vids-1014-Mixology
  • vids-1014-Antonio-Jaramillo
  • vids-1012-Jason-Silva
  • vids-1012-Andrew-Jacobs
  • vids-1011-Julio-ReyesCopello


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Los Angeles KCAL 9 IND Sun/12:30am
New York WNYW FOX Sat/1:30am ©
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale WSVN FOX Sun/1:30a©
Houston KTXH MY TV Sun/11:30am©
Chicago WCIU IND Sat/9:00am©
Dallas-Ft. Worth KDFI MY TV Sun/12:00am©
San Antonio KMYS MY TV Sun/12:00pm©
San Francisco-Oak-San Jose KICU IND Sat/1:00am©
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Fresno-Visalia KMPH FOX Sat/1:00am©
El Paso (Las Cruces) KVIA ABC Sat/5:30pm©
Denver KDVR FOX Sat/1:30am
Philadelphia WPVI ABC Sat/5:00am©
Orlando-Daytona Bch-Melbrn WRDQ IND Sun/4:00pm©
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Las Vegas KVCW CW Sun/2:30pm©
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Tucson (Sierra Vista) KWBA CW Sun/1:30pm©
Corpus Christi KZTV CBS Sat/1:00am©
West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce WTVX CW Sun/1:30pm©
Hartford & New Haven WCTX MY TV Sun/12:30pm©
Salt Lake City KMYU MY TV Sun/10:00am©
Raleigh-Durham (Fayetvlle) WLFL CW Sun/4:30am©
Monterey-Salinas KCBA FOX Sun/5:30am©
Laredo KVTV CBS Sun/12:00am©
Yuma-El Centro KYMA NBC Sun/5:30am
Ft. Myers-Naples WFTX FOX Sat/2:30am©
Charlotte WJZY CW Sun/4:00am©
Palm Springs KMIR NBC Sat/9:30am©
Milwaukee WCGV MY TV Sun/2:30pm©
Odessa-Midland KOSA CBS Sat/4:30pm©
Oklahoma City KOCB CW Sun/1:30am©
Kansas City KCWE CW Sun/5:30pm©
Yakima-Pasco-Rchlnd-Knnwck KAPP ABC Sun/11:00am©
Amarillo KCPN MY TV Sun/1:30pm©
Lubbock KMYL MY TV Sat/7:00am©
Providence-New Bedford WPRI CBS/FOX Sat/5:30am©
Wichita-Hutchinson Plus KSCW CW Sun/1:00am©
Nashville WNAB CW Sat/1:30pm©
New Orleans WHNO IND Sat/1:30p©
Greensboro-H.Point-W.Salem WCWG CW TBD
Reno KOLO ABC Sat/2:30am©
Jacksonville WJXX ABC Sat/4am©
Greenvll-Spart-Ashevll-And WMYA MY TV Sun/6:30a©
Honolulu KHON CW Sat/12:00pm©
Norfolk-Portsmth-Newpt Nws WVBT Fox Sun/5:30a©
Tyler-Longview(Lfkn&Ncgd) KLPN MY TV Sun/11:00am©
Richmond-Petersburg WTVR-DT IND Sat/11:00am©
Louisville WKYI IND Sun/3:30am©
Little Rock-Pine Bluff KLRT FOX/CW ROS
San Angelo KLST/KSAN CBS/NBC Sun/6am©
Rockford WREX NBC Sat/5:00am©
Wichita Falls & Lawton KAUZ CBS Sat/5:30am©
Columbia, SC WKTC MY TV Sat/5:30pm
Flint-Saginaw-Bay City WNEM-DT MY TV Sat/1:30pm©
Medford-Klamath Falls KMVU FOX Sat/1:00am
Baton Rouge KWBJ  IND Fri/8:30pm
Lansing WSYM FOX As Needed
Sioux City KTIV NBC Sun/5:00am©
Roanoke-Lynchburg WDBJ/WDBJ-DT CBS/MY TV Sun/1:00pm©
Grand Junction-Montrose KGJT MY TV Sun/9:30pm©
Anchorage KYES MY TV Sun/1:30am©
Wilmington WMYW MY TV Sat/5:30pm
Jackson, MS WJTV CBS Sat/4:00am
Sherman-Ada UXII-DT My TV Sun/8:30am©
Eureka KIEM NBC Sun/3:30pm
Tri-Cities, TN-VA WJHL CBS Sat/3:00am
Portland-Auburn W27BL/WMTW ABC Sat/4:30am©
Burlington-Plattsburgh WMUR ABC Sun/3:30am©
Utica WKTV NBC Wed/2:30am©
Alexandria, LA KALB CBS Sat/3am©
Hattiesburg-Laurel WHLT CBS Sat/3:00am
Puerto Rico WSJP CW Sun/9:30pm©
Virgin Islands WVGN NBC Sun/11:30am©

Where to watch

Albuquerque-Santa Fe KUPTDT2 MyTV Sat 6:00 AM
Albuquerque-Santa Fe KASY MyTV Sun 8:00 AM
Amarillo KAMRDT2 MyTV Sun 1:30 PM
Anchorage KYESDT MyTV Sat 5:30 AM
Austin KBVO MyTV Sun 1:30 AM
Bakersfield KBAKDT2 FOX Sun 1:00 AM
Bakersfield KBFXSD FOX Sun 1:00 AM
Baton Rouge KWBJ  IND Sun 8:30am
Chattanooga WFLI/WFLIDT2 CW/My TV Sun 8:30 AM
Cheyenne-Scottsbluff KGWNDT/KSTFDT CBS Sun 4:30 AM
Chicago WCIUDT2 Ind Sun 11:30 AM
Chico K24KX  My TV Sun 1:35 AM
Columbia, SC WKTCDT CW Sun 9:30 AM
Corpus Christi KZTVDT CBS Sat 2:30 AM
Corpus Christi KZTVDT CBS Sun 2:30 AM
Dallas-Ft. Worth KDFIDT MyTV Sun 1:00 AM
Denver KDVRDT FOX Sun 1:00 AM
El Paso (Las Cruces) KVIADT ABC Sun 3:05 AM
Eureka KIEMDT NBC Sat 5:00 PM
Flint-Saginaw-Bay City WNEMDT CBS Sat 3:37 AM
Fresno-Visalia KMPHDT FOX Sun 2:30 AM
Ft. Myers-Naples WFTXDT FOX Sat 4:30 AM
Ft. Wayne WPTADT3 MyTV Sat 12:30 PM
Gainesville WGFLDT2 MyTV Sun 6:30 AM
Grand Junction-Montrose KREXDT3 MyTV Sun 10:30 PM
Grand Rapids-Kalmzoo-B.Crk WOODDT NBC Mon 1:00 AM
Greenville-New Bern-Washington WFXIWYDO FOX Sat 1:00 PM
Harlingen-Wslco-Brnsvl-McA XHRIOD2 FOX Sun 5:30 AM
Harlingen-Wslco-Brnsvl-McA KFXVSD FOXMyTV Sun 5:30 AM
Hartford & New Haven WCTXDT MyTV Sun 12:30 PM
Honolulu KHONDT2 CW Sun 9:30 AM
Houston KTXHDT MyTV Sun 11:30 AM
Huntsville-Decatur (Flor) WHNTDT2 Ind Sat 1:30 PM
Jackson, MS WJTVDT CBS Sat 3:02 AM
Jackson, MS WJTVDT CBS Sun 2:30 AM
Jacksonville WJXXDT ABC Sat 5:00 AM
Kansas City KCWEDT CW Sun 3:00 AM
Kansas City KCWEDT CW Sun 10:00 AM
Laredo KXOF Fox Sun 11:30 AM
Laredo KXOF Fox Sun 12:30 AM
Las Vegas KSNVDT NBC Sun 1:32 AM
Lincoln & Hastings-Krny KGINDT2 NBC Sat 6:30 AM
Lincoln & Hastings-Krny KOLNDT2 NBC Sat 6:30 AM
Lincoln & Hastings-Krny KSNBDT NBC Sat 6:30 AM
Little Rock-Pine Bluff KASNDT CW Sat 6:30 AM
Los Angeles KCAL Ind Sun 12:30 AM
Louisville WMYODT MyTV Sun 5:00 AM
Lubbock KLCWDT2 MyTV Sat 7:00 AM
Miami WSVN FOX Mon 3:00 AM
Milwaukee WVTVDT CW Sat 6:00 AM
Monterey-Salinas KCBADT FOX Sun 5:30 AM
New York WWORDT MyTV Sun 12:00 AM
New York WWORDT2 MyTV Sun 12:00 AM
Norfolk-Portsmth-Newpt Nws WVBTDT FOX Sun 5:30 AM
North Platte KNOPDT NBC Sat 6:30 AM
Odessa-Midland KOSADT CBS Sun 2:05 AM
Oklahoma City KOCBDT CW Sat 5:00 AM
Orlando WESH NBC Mon 1:30 AM
Omaha KETVDT ABC Tues 1:07 AM
Palm Springs KMIRDT NBC Sun 5:00 AM
Panama City WECPMy7 MyTV Sat 4:00 AM
Philadelphia WPVIDT2 Live Well Sat 7:00 AM
Phoenix (Prescott) KASWDT CW Sun 11:30 AM
Providence-New Bedford WPRIDT CBS Sat 4:30 AM
Puerto Rico WSJX Fox Sat 12:00 AM
Raleigh-Durham (Fayetvlle) WLFLDT CW Sun 3:05 AM
Reno KOLODT ABC Sun 1:35 AM
Richmond-Petersburg WTVRDT3 Ind Sat 11:30 AM
Roanoke-Lynchburg WDBJDT2 MyTV Sun 1:00 PM
Rochester, NY WHAM16 CW Sun 5:30 AM
Rockford WREXDT NBC Sat 5:00 AM
Sacramnto-Stkton-Modesto KQCADT MyTV Sat 10:00 AM
Sacramnto-Stkton-Modesto KCRADT NBC Sun 3:00 PM
Salt Lake City KMYUDT MyTV Sun 5:00 AM
Salt Lake City KUTVDT2 MyTV Sun 5:00 AM
San Angelo KLST CBS Sun 2:35 AM
San Angelo KLSTDT CBS Sun 2:35 AM
San Angelo KLSTDT CBS Sun 6:00 AM
San Angelo KLST CBS Sun 6:00 AM
San Antonio KENSDT CBS Sun 2:30 AM
San Diego XHDTVDT MyTV Sat 1:30 PM
San Franscico-Oakland-San Jose KTVU FOX Mon 2:00 AM
Sherman-Ada KXIIDT2 MyTV Sun 8:30 AM
Sioux City KTIVDT NBC Sun 5:00 AM
Springfield-Holyoke WGGBDT2 FOX Sun 11:30 AM
St. Louis KNLCDT Ind Sat 5:00 PM
Tallahassee-Thomasville WTWCDT NBC Sun 3:30 AM
Tampa-St. Pete (Sarasota) WTOGDT CW Sun 1:00 AM
Tucson (Sierra Vista) KWBADT CW Sun 12:30 PM
Tulsa KTULDT ABC Sat 3:30 AM
Twin Falls KMVTDT3 FOX Sat 6:30 AM
Tyler-Longview(Lfkn&Ncgd) KFXKDT2 MyTV Sun 10:00 AM
Victoria KAVUDT2 NBC Sun 11:00 AM
Virgin Islands WVXFDT2 FOX Sat 12:00 AM
Virgin Islands WVXFDT2 FOX Sat 3:00 PM
Waco-Temple-Bryan KBTXDT CBS Sun 2:35 AM
Waco-Temple-Bryan KWTXDT CBS Sun 2:35 AM
Washington, DC (Hagrstwn) WJALDT Ind Sat 12:00 PM
West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce WTCNSD MyTV Sun 1:30 PM
West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce WTVX CW Sun 3:30 AM
West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce WTVXDT3 MyTV Sun 1:30 PM
Wichita Falls & Lawton KAUZDT CBS Sat 5:30 AM
Wichita Falls & Lawton KAUZ CBS Sat 5:30 AM
Wichita-Hutchinson  KSCWDT CW Sun 1:30 AM
Wilmington WMYWCAB MyTV Sat 5:30 PM
Wilmington WMYWCAB MyTV Sun 10:30 AM
Yakima-Pasco-Rchlnd-Knnwck KAPPDT ABC Sat 10:00 AM
Yakima-Pasco-Rchlnd-Knnwck KVEWDT ABC Sun 10:00 AM
Yuma-El Centro KYMADT NBC Sun 5:30 AM

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