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The Future of Virtual reality

Erika De La Vega

Los Hollywood

The Trump Effect 

Latination 1320

On today’s show, host Humberto Guida takes you inside the future of virtual reality! Then we find out what makes comedian Erica de la Vega tick, and we study the Trump effect on migrant workers. Plus, Los Hollywood brings the jams! This can only be seen on LatiNation.

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Cristina Umaña - The Strong Woman in Netfilx's Narcos

Cristina Umaña - The Strong Woman in Netfilx's Narcos

Latest Episode 1316

This week, our host Humberto Guida brings you the following stories: On today’s show, actress Monique Gabrielle Curnen! Then, we get some life coaching from Cece Valencia "The Mamacita". Plus boxer Leo Santa Cruz, and rocker photographer Chris Cuffaro! All this only LatiNation!

 Monique Gabrielle Curnen

 Cece the Mamasita 

  Leo Santa Cruz

Chris Cuffaro 

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